It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our school.  You will find at Bardwell a positive, inclusive and hard working environment where children enjoy learning and strive to do their best.  Our staff are talented and dedicated people who work extremely hard to ensure all children reach their full potential. Our aim is that all children will leave Bardwell as rounded individuals who are valued members of their own communities with the potential to go further with their learning and life.


For visitors new to Bardwell I have characterised life at Bardwell using five key words, but if you really wish to get to know our school please arrange a visit. You will be offered a warm welcome from our pupils, our staff and myself.


Child-centred: We believe every child is an individual who should not be defined by labels.  Our non-label-led approach ensures we take time to know every child’s strengths and abilities. We use our curriculum and assessments to inform the next steps in their learning.


Inclusive: Every child is fully included in all aspects of school life. Each child’s learning is individualised to ensure all are challenged and succeed in their classrooms. Every child’s efforts and achievements are valued by their friends.


Positive: We focus on and reinforce our pupils’ achievements and celebrate good behaviour. Our consistent, proactive approach communicates clear boundaries and expectations to all pupils. It is clear for all in our school that positive patterns of behaviour are valued. This approach gives all students the confidence to be themselves and try their best, feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that their efforts will be recognised.


Relationships: We build relationships based on trust and mutual respect between staff and pupils and by noting and commenting on positive relationships among pupils. This is another crucial aspect of our students recognising they are in an environment where they feel safe and secure to try their best and to address and overcome challenges.


Challenging: This is a sensitive aspect due to the additional needs of children and adults who attend Bardwell. We ensure students’ time in school is positive and stimulating, but crucially also challenging. This ensures pupils are prepared for their next stage of learning and then for life beyond Bardwell. Ultimately this supports our pupils in achieving their full potential.


I am proud that our values genuinely underpin every aspect of our work.  It is always a pleasure to show visitors around the school, share our pupils’ achievements and discuss our beliefs and approaches to learning.


Whether you are a current or prospective parent or a professional interested in understanding more about how we work, please get in touch to arrange a visit.

John Riches, Headteacher

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