Self Evaluation May 2018


At Bardwell School we believe we are a continually improving school, with lessons and learning experiences that are consistently good or better. We believe that increasing aspects of our provision have outstanding elements to them. Feedback from parents and evidence of outcomes shows we are delivering a high quality education that impacts on our pupils lives today and the outcomes for our pupils as they grow and enter adulthood.


We do not see any aspect of this self evaluation as a destination or end point, more a reflection of our ongoing approach and continual improvements. Part of our judgement is based on the rate of improvements and developments over the last few years, along with evidence that the school will continue to build on our successes.


Key factors informing our overall judgement include:

  • In 2017 14.3% of our leavers gained employment (against national average for those with against 6% nationally, source Health and Social Care Information Centre Annual Report 2015/16). We have strong evidence that our approach to employability is supporting gaining employment for students who attend The Lodge. (Evidence: Individual Progress Reports and Multi Me Portfolios).

  • Key stage progress data is strong.                                                            (Evidence: Performance Data KS2, KS4 and KS5).

  • Parent feedback has been positive for the last two years, including:​

I would recommend Bardwell School to another parent:

April 2018: Yes = 100%.  April 2017: Yes = 100%

My child is taught well at Bardwell School:

April 2018: Strong Agree = 61.4%, Agree = 38.6%

April 2017: Strongly Agree = 64%, Agree = 36%

My child makes good progress at Bardwell School:

April 2018: Strongly Agree = 55.4%, Agree = 39.3%, Disagree = 1.8%, Don't Know = 3.6%

April 2017: Strongly Agree = 60%, Agree = 36%, Don't Know = 4%​

  • In April 2018, the Local Authority Designated Officer team completed a Safeguarding Audit. It judged 7 aspects of safeguarding outstanding, 7 aspects good and 1 aspect adequate. (Evidence: Safeguarding Audit).

  • In February 2018 the Local Authority Health and Safety Officer completed a monitoring visit and reported no recommendations or actions points stating “Standards of health and safety management remain high at the school and this is a particular credit to you since it is far harder to maintain high standards rather than achieve them.” (Evidence: Health and Safety Audit Letter / Health and Safety Visit Report

  • The school has implemented Multi Me, as an excellent tool for working with parents, celebrating pupils abilities and tracking pupil progress.

Progress in relation to reasons the school was 'not yet outstanding' from last inspection report


In March 2014 we were judged to be a Good school. The following two aspects identified as to why we were ‘not yet an outstanding’. 

  • In a few lessons, the contribution of teaching assistants is not so well organised as to ensure that pupils are always doing their very best. 

  • Recent improvements in curriculum planning have not yet led to pupils making equally strong progress in all subject areas.

We have made considerable developments in relation to both of these areas. A summary of which can be found in our 'Actions since last inspection' table.