Our Values

On a day-to-day basis, our values shape our positive interactions with our pupils, underpin inspiring teaching and learning in the classroom, and encourage us to seek opportunities for our students to play meaningful roles in their communities. Our values are the compass that guides our school as we advocate a non-label-led approach to teaching children with special educational needs.

We believe that our students learn best when lessons based on their interests, strengths and abilities are delivered in a positive, stimulating and challenging environment.

Therefore we:

  • plan and deliver teaching and learning that inspires our students

  • set targets tailored to each individual

  • reflect on our methods and approaches to ensure we always provide the highest quality education

We believe that our students are unique individuals whose qualities, personalities and achievements will be celebrated.

Therefore we:

  • celebrate their personal qualities and attributes

  • encourage students to express themselves

  • share achievements with their peers and the wider school community.

We believe our students achieve best when families and the school work in partnership.

Therefore we:

  • maintain open and honest communication with parents and carers

  • encourage frequency of contact with parents via parents evening, school events, email, phone calls and Multi Me

  • work with students and their families to set meaningful outcomes that impact their lives in positive ways

We believe that all of our students should be valued members of their communities and play active roles within them.

Therefore we:

  • seek meaningful opportunities for our students to participate in their communities

  • promote the strengths and abilities of our students in the local community and beyond

  • organise opportunities that enable our students to share their talents and skills

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We believe that our students should be encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential and to be as independent as possible.

Therefore we:

  • structure learning to enable achievement with carefully considered levels of support

  • plan to decrease support at an appropriate rate in order to develop autonomy

  • support students to reflect on their learning

We believe all students should have equal and inclusive opportunities where their learning is tailored to individual needs.

Therefore we:

  • identify small steps to success for all students

  • understand the importance of repeating and consolidating learning

  • build whole class inclusion links with mainstream partners

We believe that friendships and relationships are central to happiness.

Therefore we:

  • support students to develop positive relationships with their peers and members of staff

  • provide inclusive learning experiences

  • provide stimulating shared play and social experiences for our students

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