Self Evaluation May 2018


Bardwell School is a community special school in Bicester, a town experiencing radical growth and reportedly one of the fastest growing towns in Europe. Due to this, one of the Governing Body's strategic aims is to expand capacity in order to meet the growing demands for special school places. This commitment has seen growth of 62.7% (September 2014 - September 2018). The school has managed this expansion through self-financed and managed internal projects, working with the Local Authority on a post-16 capiptal growth bid and self-managing the conversion a building on our shared site. We recently worked with the local authority to secure a grant to expand further with a new hall and two new classrooms.

In line with key developments of the school and our growth we have prioritised professional development for all staff and introduced thorough Teacher Induction (1-year programme) and TA Induction programmes.

Pupils at Bardwell School are not working at age related expectations and attainment on entry is well below national expectations.

The percentage of pupils entitled to the Pupil Premium is broadly inline with the the county average at 11.6%. The school's 'Pupil Premium Strategy' evidences excellent impact of the associated grant.

Our approach at Bardwell is characterised by an inclusive, personalised education for every pupil.

We our proud of the following 'every pupil' statements:

  • Every pupil is educated with peers of the same age. Health needs, including speech and language therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy are all embedded into lessons delivering a truly inclusive learning experience. 

  • Every primary school aged pupil attends a weekly whole class session (September - May) at a partner mainstream school.

  • Every pupil from aged 7 to 19 has the opportunity to attend a residential trip every year. The residential trip programme progresses from a local two-night trip to a school week in Barcelona. (Evidence: Barcelona Photos)

  • Every pupil stars in high quality a biennial film, which includes travelling to venues across the country for filming and attending the 'premiere' with their families at Vue Cinema. (Evidence: Parent Feedback)