The School Day

The start of the school day


Learning at Bardwell School starts as soon as the pupils and students walk through our front door. We aim to use the start of the school day flexibly and effectively. Class teachers are free to use this time how they feel is most effective to start the school day based on our school aims and values, along with ensuring a effective smooth start to the day’s lessons.

Typically the start of the day can be split into 2 sections:


9.00am - 9.15am - During this time pupils may arrive in class, focus on independence and IEP work, start physio, have their personal care needs met, have shared play time.

9.15am - 9.30am - During this time the class will aim to be together as a whole group. We feel this is a priority for building the class community and all class members developing an appreciation fort each other. We value each pupil by sharing and listening to each others news and focusing on communication skills while the register is taken.

The end of the school day

From 3.00pm we allocate time for students to get ready to leave. Independence is again a key focus here. Personal care needs will be met and home school diaries will be written during this time. This time is also used to celebrate achievements and efforts from the school day. Class teachers are free to use this time to ensure a positive, smooth end to the day. This may include shared play or circle time.