The Bardwell Curriculum
Useful Information

The start of the school year is an ideal time to ensure systems and processes are understood by all. With this in mind please read the following information carefully.

Start of the school day: The school day and learning starts at 9am when pupils are greeted in reception. It is important all pupils arrive on time to allow them to benefit from learning and social opportunities. At the start of the day classes discuss the timetable and plans for the day, which is essential for supporting pupils being part of the class community and in feeling secure and happy about the day ahead.

End of the school day: Our school day ends at 3.15pm. It is essential pupils are collected promptly at 3.15pm. When pupils are collected late it has a significant impact on our end of day meetings and staff completing key end of day tasks. Ultimately this means that time and money that should be focused on our pupils learning is directed towards this after school care.Transport providers or parents will be asked to sign a record of late collections to enable us to monitor this and plan future necessary actions.


School dinners:

Class 1 – Class 4: School dinners cost £2.20 per day

Class 5, 6, 7 and The Lodge: School dinners are £2.35 per day. Please pay in advance for school dinners and ensure any payment is in an envelope clearly labeled with your child’s name.

School uniform:

Students and their families are able to choose whether they would like to wear a Bardwell School uniform or wear their own clothes to school. To order a school uniform, please use the following link:


Swimming kits: Please provide a swimming kit and towel for you child. This needs to be sent in each week for your child to take part in the swimming lesson. Swimming kits are sent home after each lesson to be washed and returned the following week (NB - 6th form students complete their own swimming laundry). Please note that if your child does not have a swimming kit, you will be contacted to bring it in, otherwise they may miss their swimming lesson.

PE kits: It is very important that all pupils wear appropriate clothing for PE lessons. Your child’s class teacher will provide guidance as to what is required for these lessons.

Reporting absences: Please phone school before 9.15am to report any pupil absences. We cannot accept messages from transport escorts and it saves considerable time when parents do report absences through the correct channels.It is important that, when attending school, pupils are well for all lessons and activities planned for that day. In the past we had a few situations when pupils were sent in not well enough to attend a planned day trip or to complete their swimming lesson. In some circumstances, when given notice we are able to provide staff for alternative arrangements. Whilst we always endeavour to make alternative arrangements, please do not assume that these can be made without prior notice as this can impact on the learning and lessons of other pupils.


Please note: Where pupils have recurring conditions, or are in recovery post surgery we do strive to make alternative arrangements. If you are unsure, please check with your child’s class teacher.