Self Evaluation May 2018

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare: (Self Evaluation: Outstanding)


The positive learning environment at Bardwell supported by a strong value based culture delivers a learning experience where pupils feel safe and secure.


As pupils develop through the school, they grow into confident learners. Their excellent attitudes to learning have a positive impact on their progress and outcomes. There is respect and kindness towards peers across the school. Pupils are proud of their achievements and of the school.

The school takes it's responsbilty for safeguarding seriously. Staff receive weekly safeguarding bulletins, have up to date training and complete safeguarding and child protection processes thoroughly.

Multi Me is evidence of a fantastic tool that celebrates pupils achievements with their family. The multimedia nature of Multi Me supports pupils to share their achievements with families and realise their potential beyond the school day.

The Safeguarding Team works closely with social care professionals to support good outcomes for all pupils and families.


In Autumn 2017, the headteacher coordinated a multi-agency workshop (Local Authority SEN Leads, Social Care, Early Help, Health Professionals) to focus on developing ways to work effectively for the best interests of pupils who attend special schools, and their families.


  • Local Authority Designated Officer for Safeguarding Audit: 7 Outstanding Judgements, 7 Good and 1 Adequate.

  • Behaviour Management Judgement in Anonymous Summary of Lesson Observations (Autumn 2017): Outstanding = 55.6%, Good = 44.4%

  • Parent Questionnaire:

    • My child is happy at Bardwell School: Strongly Agree = 70.2%, Agree = 28.0%, Don't Know = 1.8%.

    • My child feels safe at Bardwell School: Strongly Agree = 63.2%, Agree = 29.8%, Don't know = 7%.

    • Bardwell School supports pupils well with their behaviour..: Strongly Agree = 62.5%, Agree = 26.8%, Don't know = 10.7%

  • This email from a social worker, evidences the strong relationships we have with social care professionals. In 2017, we introduced a system where Safeguarding Leads were linked with specific social workers.

  • Pupil attendance is above average for special schools. (Latest Headteacher Report, section on absence)

  • Governors Response to Student Council Inspection

Next Steps:

Explore a peer support model for pupils.

Work with new Safeguarding Governor to further develop robust approach to governance in this area.

Deliver action plan in response to Safeguarding Audit.