The Bardwell Curriculum

One of our stated beliefs is that: We believe our students achieve best when families and the school work in partnership. Good communication is essential to achieve this.


Every pupil has a ‘Home School Communication Folder’. Teachers will write messages throughout the week about achievements and other key information. Whilst teachers will strive to write messages as often as possible, the end of the day can be a busy time in classes and supervision / pupil support will always take priority. Usually teachers will write a message 3-4 times a week. They will always prioritise essential information (for some pupils this is daily). Please do share information and news from home within these folders as this supports your child’s inclusion in morning discussions.


General news and updates from across the school will be shared in a Monthly Newsletter.


Three times a year our new School Magazine will be published. This will share lessons and projects from each class across the school.


Our new website has been in development over the summer. We were aiming to launch this in time for the start of term due to some technical issues this will be launched shortly. Our current website is quite dated in terms of content so please bear with us.


In the Autumn and Spring terms we will hold Termly Reviews. These meetings are a chance to discuss your child’s progress with their class teacher. Progress against your child’s Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan) Outcomes will be reviewed in these meetings. To support our transition to a new cycle of EHC Plan reviews, this Autumn’s Termly Reviews will be more formal and will confirm Outcome targets for the year ahead.


Multi Me is a secure online social space and learning platform that provides a community for teachers, students, parents, carers and other professionals who support the pupils at Bardwell School. Through Multi Me, we are able to share each pupil’s progress towards their learning objectives across the curriculum, as well as create specific photo or video stories to share exciting events and developments throughout the school. We hold introductory sessions to the site throughout the year at Bardwell School.