Self Evaluation May 2018

Outcomes for Pupils: (Self Evaluation: Outstanding)

Our committed Post-16 lead delivers a fully personalised approach when supporting pupils and families with planning for their post-19 provision. In 2017, this saw all leavers go on to their first choice destination.


We are continuing to raise expectations as to what our students can achieve. Following the implementation of a 3-placement Experience in Work programme for our post-16 students in 2015, we expanded the programme in 2016/17 when two year 11 students completed independent Experience in Work placements (one of the Year 11 students has now gained part-time employment).

In 2017/18, two students in year 10 have completed independent Experience in Work placements.

Our Key Stage progress is very strong. For example 100% of pupils finishing Key Stage 2 in 2017 progress was in the Upper Quartile (Progression Materials) in Mathematics, 60% of the pupils' progress in Literacy was in the Upper Quartile.

Overall our judgement on the quality of outcomes is based on the knowledge we have of individual pupils, linking our assessments with feedback from those others who know the pupil well (i.e. parents, other professionals). We are in the progress of developing data systems to support these judgements.


  • April 2018 Professional Judgement Feedback from Health Professionals: 

    • Physio: 94.7% made expected progress. 

    • Occupational Therapy: 95% pupils made expected progress.

    • Speech and Language Therapy: 10.2% Made above expected progress, 77.6% made expected progress, 12.2% made below expected progress.

  • 2017: 14.6% of leavers gained employment. 100% leavers went to their first choice destination.

  • 2017: 2 students in KS4 successfully completed independent experience in work placements.

  • 2017: The college provision costs for one student reduced by £11,000 per annum following work on independent skills. See PP Pupil Progress Report.

  • 2017: Very strong Key Stage Performance Data.

  • 2017: 100% Leavers gained entry level qualifications.

Next Steps

  • Focus on part-time employment for targeted 15 - 19 years olds

  • Explore options for higher attaining students (in specific subjects)

  • Full review of Post-14 provision (including curriculum)