Self Evaluation May 2018

Sixth Form: Outstanding

Sixth Form provision in The Lodge has improved considerably since our last inspection, when it was already recognised as being strong. New accommodation, along with improved curriculum delivery, a focus on employability and accessing the community has driven forward the improvements. In 2017, all students left with entry level qualifications. All went onto their first choice destinations.

Next steps: 

By July 2019, we will have reviewed of the curriculum and structure of delivery in The Lodge, ensuring it continues to improve and meet the needs of all pupils.

Early Years Foundation Stage: Outstanding

A new staff team in our EYFS has further developed the offer and delivers high quality provision.


Outstanding Lesson Planning (Example 1 / Example 2)

Examples of high quality learning and assessment on individual Multi Me portfolios.

Next steps:

By September 2018, we will have opened a new Nursery class.

By September 2018, we will have successful moved the EYFS to new accommodation.

By June 2018, we will have successful supported the new team in the EYFS to be delivering outstanding provision.