Self Evaluation May 2018

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment (Self Evaluation: Good, with Outstanding elements)


The quality of teaching, learning and assessment has improved through high quality continuing professional development for all staff. This has including internal training (for example the planning our Fundamental Skills day), high quality external training (i.e. Ian Beam: ICT and Switch Skills) and teachers visiting Outstanding Special Schools every other year as part of a Residential Inset Programme.

Teachers work hard to continually improve practice across the school. A key mechanism for our school developments and teacher professional development is our weekly Wednesday Workshops where the whole school team focus on curriculum and assessment developments, along with sharing good practice with colleagues.


In 2016, the school focused on improving planning and lesson objectives, recognising the correlation these aspect had across learning. 


In 2017, the school piloted a new Planning and Assessment document that records pupils' progress against learning objectives. This has been rolled out to all lessons.

The school has further improved summative assessments through our Multi Me Assessment Template. This, along with new assessment scrutinies has lead to more consistent high quality summative assessments.


  • Anonymous summary of Lesson Observations Autumn 2017: 30.6% Outstanding, 61.1% Good and 8.3% Requires Improvement.

  • Anonymised Planning and Assessment Document.

  • Multi Me is an exceptionally strong and progressive tool for recording summative assessments. (Case Study demonstrations available on request).

  • Examples of assessment scrutiny evidence robust moderation of assessments and progress.

  • Positive Parent Questionnaire Feedback

    • (April 2018: 81.4% response rate): 

      • My Child is taught well at Bardwell School: Strongly Agree = 61.4%, Agree = 38.6%.

Next steps

  • Fully implement the Planning, Assessment and Moderation policy, including:

    • Further embed Planning and Assessment documents​

    • Scrutinise Assessments

    • Develop the Pupil Learning Profile

  • Develop the Communication curriculum (following standard set by Maths and Fundamental Skills), including underpinning assessments.